HASP Past Talks/Discussions

19 Jun Fri Social: Cycling and picnic at Champoeg
11 Jun Thu Report on HCSS
10 Apr Fri Discussion on artifacts
3 Apr Fri Andrew McCreight Programming computational reflection
27 Mar Fri (term break)
20 Mar Fri Andrew Tolmach Optimizing ML using a hierarchy of monadic types
13 Mar Fri (cancelled)
6 Mar Fri Discussion on modules and type classes
27 Feb Fri Dave MacQueen A rewriting semantics for type inference
23 Feb Mon Dave MacQueen Principles of Module System Design (dept colloquium)
30 Jan Fri Language Brainstorming Session
23 Jan Fri Tim and The 2 AndrewsThe Run-time System
16 Jan Fri Reading: Galois Experience Report (continued)
12 Jan Mon Chris Hawblitzel Verifying Practical Garbage Collectors
9 Jan 2009 Fri Reading: Galois Experience Report
12 Dec Fri John Matthews (Review of fall work at PSU)
5 Dec Fri Rebekah Leslie The Revised H Interface
5 Dec Fri Dick Kieburtz Reading: Group reading Dick&Bill's JFP submission
21 Nov Fri Mark Jones Discussion on Habit language
21 Nov Fri Creighton Hogg Secure Operating Systems
14 Nov Fri Cynthia Taylor Improving Thin Clent Performance using the Smart Proxy Architecture
7 Nov Fri Brian Huffman Deflation Chains and Induction Rules for Haskell Types
31 Oct Fri Tom Harke Formalizing Monads
31 Oct Fri Iavor Diatchki Using git
24 Oct Fri Mark Jones HASP language update
24 Oct Fri Andrew McCreight GCminor
17 Oct Fri Tim Chevalier Certified Compilation
10 Oct Fri Brian Huffman Deflation for Types
10 Oct Fri John Matthews Cross-Domain Proofs
3 Oct 2008 Fri Jim Hook Admin: First meeting of the HASP project
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Programatica Past Talks/Discussions

Many members of HASP previously worked on Programatica.
Apr 25 Parallel generational GC with a block-structured heap Simon Marlow
Apr 25 Using Equational Tree Automata to Identify Incomplete Specifications Joe Hendrix
Apr 18 Worker/Wrapper Transform Andy Gill
Apr 11 INRIA's CompCert Andrew Tolmach
Apr 4 Organizational meeting
Mar 21 Brainstorming session on language design
Mar 14 Report on HCSS
Feb 29 Update on funding; Web presence
Feb 22 Some Views on Systems & Systems Programming Johan Nordlander
Feb 22 Iavor Diatchki
Feb 22 Andrew Tolmach
Feb 15 "Systems Haskell" discussion Mark Jones
Feb 8 Powerdomains in Isabelle/HOLCF Brian Huffman
Feb 8 Typed STIR: Experiences with type checking the IR of an optimizing Java JIT Andrew McCreight
Feb 1 The Monad of Strict Computation Dick Kieburtz
Feb 1 Revenge of Functional Dependencies Mark Jones
Jan 25 TPM modelling Peter
Jan 25 verifying Cminor programs Andrew M
Jan 18 type classes in Coq (with demo) Matthieu Sozeau
Jan 11, 2008 organizational meeting
Dec 7-8, 2007 Programatica retreat
Nov 30 Proving Properties of Imperative Pointer Programs via a Shallow Monadic Embedding Andrew Tolmach
Nov 9, 2007 Formalizing scheduler separation in Coq Tom Harke
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